Takaaki Kishida-English Page

Takaaki Kishida is a singer and songwriter of pop and soul music.

b40b8455.jpgPromotion VideoHe has performed all over Japan. His last birthday was spent at Roppongi Hills 52F, at a party thrown for him, Sony Music A. Records.
Since that time he has expanded his performing arena from Japan to include many foreign countries.

His past life experiences prepared him for a life on the road. An accomplished wrestler in school he has always been physically fit and ready for the demands that touring can bring. Upon graduating from the university and working for his father, his heart was always in music. At his father’s death, he decided to leave the company
and pursue his passion.

Performing in all types of venues, Takaaki Kishida has made his mark singing his own original songs.

They can be heard on Three albums, “Kishider Color of Life” and “Tracks” and “One by One.” If you are looking for an eclectic musical experience check out his work thru ToweRecords and Amazon, i-Tunes.
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If you are interested in engaging Takaaki Kishida, please send any

correspondence to the following email address:
There are many different venues in which performances can be
arranged. Takaaki Kishida sings alone with an acoustic guitar but
can also perform with a trio or full band.